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Christian Nation (Pt 5)

Irenaeus- August 11, 2022

Listen along here: If you haven't watched the video that was presented at the end of Part 3 in this series, you will need to ... Read More

Christian Nation (Pt 4)

Irenaeus- May 30, 2022

Before and After the "Founding Documents" This article is intended to demonstrate that around or just after 1776 a radical shift in the language of ... Read More

Christian Nation (Pt 3)

Irenaeus- May 24, 2022

Freedom of Religion founds her empire upon the idea of universal toleration: She admits all religions into her bosom; She secures the sacred rights of ... Read More

Christian Nation (Pt 2)

Irenaeus- May 16, 2022

The Declaration The Declaration of Independence, widely recognized as the first and foremost document in our official politic, mentions both “God” and “Creator”. “God” is ... Read More

Christian Nation (Pt 1)

Irenaeus- May 9, 2022

The following are excerpts from some of the earliest founding documents of these United States. They were all written between 1606 and 1778. Keep in ... Read More