What is The Mark of the Beast?

Do you want to know the truth?  Then you must be silent and listen to God. (Job 40:4) What does the LORD say?

This is what He says – if you want to be delivered from the coming horror, you must begin opposing THE MARK immediately.  The longer you put off your belief,  the more difficult it will become to resist. You MUST give up your “old life” right now. (Mark 8:35; Revelation 13:15-17).  Ironically, until you are prepared to give up your life, you will not live.  To live, you must be willing to lose your life in the process – and the process of losing it to save it must begin immediately!  (Luke 17:33)

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"The number of his name - 666"

Image from the codex Vaticanus depicting the Greek number six hundred sixty-sixHere is the first difficult truth we offer you: You cannot know what THE MARK is without receiving it – thereby being damned for eternity. (Ezekiel 9:4).  Everyone is forced to make one of two choices – to know the mark or to avoid it.  Even refusing to choose places you squarely on the path toward receiving THE MARK.  Would you rather know what it is or avoid it?

THE MARK is secretly bound up – coded – if you will, into the nature of evil itself.  As it was in the Garden of Eden, we must accept the mystery for what it is and avoid knowing it altogether (Genesis 2:17).  We can, however, show you what it looks like to receive the mark.  We can show you who its people are.  And we can show you how to unravel some of its mystery.  We promise that if you continue to read, listen, and learn, and most importantly – DO… TAKE ACTION – then you will be able to walk in confident assurance when the day comes that finally exposes the mark for what it is… and you will be far, far, away from it.  THIS is our hope for you.


If you are interested in what this teaching is, and want to continue to learn, then we are here to partner with you and walk with you as far down this path as you are willing to go.  But, our leader does not allow us to share this information with anyone that refuses to walk the path He has created.

Who is our leader?  He is Jesus, the Son of God.  Do you want to follow, learn, and die so that you live?  If so, click here.

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