Silencing Truth

The Mark: In Depth

Going Deeper

More than a decade of study and thought has gone into comparisons of Biblical prophecy to historical events. You will understand how how past historical events and modern happenings perfectly align with predictions made over 2500 years ago - bringing us today to the edge of eternity.

What You'll Discover

  • We are closer to the final day than most imagine

    Many people believe there are many prophecies that still "stand in the way" of Christ's return; however, Christ's return could actually be within hours.

  • The "End Times" are not coming - they are already here

    People speak of the "End Times" as a future period. Scripture and history demonstrate we have already entered the "End Times"

  • The Rise of Antichrist

    The rise of Antichrist is a three-stage process. It began with the "little horn" uprooting three "horns" - as predicted by Daniel predicted in 550 BC and fulfilled nearly 1000 years later. The second stage is near its completion, and the third stage is in progress.

  • The 1000 Year Reign of Christ

    Satan was placed into "chains" a little more than 1000 years ago and had no ability to deceive the nations - that is until recently. He was released from his chains several decades ago and has been deceiving the nations ever since.

  • The Identity of the Two Beasts

    The prophet Daniel predicted the preservation of some nations that would arise at the time of the end. Many believe this to be some sort of "revived Roman Empire"; however scripture and history both demonstrate this is not the case. In fact, the whole world, today, is being deceived through these two "beasts"

  • The Fruit of more than a decade of study in Christ-centered prophecy

    The series, "And then the End Shall Come" contains more than 400 slides with hours and hours of lecture notes. It is continually being updated, refined, and extended so that your confidence in Christ and the truth of His Word will show you, exactly, how clear the path, lit by His Truth is.

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