Silencing Truth

The Mark: In Plain English

Image from the codex Vaticanus depicting the Greek number six hundred sixty-six

The Greek letters: χξϛ

are interpreted as 666 - BUT 666 has two connections in scripture that are associated with both Babylon and (through historical application) the Muhammadan religion of Islam. But what is even more intriguing is that the characters visually mimic (almost precisely) a phrase in Arabic that describes the exact meaning of the Mark. Some say it mimics, "In the name of Allah" with the X representing crossed swords (symbolically - Jihad). Some say it mimics "Allah aqbar" with crossed swords.

We believe there is a third message in the letters - a message that echoes the exact nature of the mark. And it was revealed in scripture more than 1900 years ago!

The Mark is...

Disbelief (in the forehead)

To believe God is not the Father of Jesus Christ

Evil work (in the hand)

To prove, through works, that one does not believe God to be the Father of Jesus Christ

A mark of...

Loyalty, love, devotion

Loyalty, love, and devotion to a specific god, religion or system that denies Jesus Christ to be the Son of God as a basic tenet whether implicit or implied. In scripture, this devotion centers around a specific group of nations represented by a beast that appears to be a mix of a leopard, bear, and a lion. The power and authority of these nations comes from Satan.

Promotion of the same

Partnership with specific gods, religions, or systems that deny Jesus Christ to be the Son of God in order to eradicate the "extreme" or violent forms of the same false religions - and promoting these partnerships as Christian doctrine. The partnerships center around a specific group of nations represented by a beast that appears to be a lamb, but is revealed to speak for Satan

It is Mystery Babylon

Those who fail to abide in the faith and discipline of Jesus will be damned to the lake of Hell-fire forever because they’ve proven they do not have what it takes to live in paradise – they do not have a desire for good and holy things – they do not believe God.  Transformation into a heaven-compatible individual ONLY comes through faith in Christ.   Those who fail to receive Christ WILL RECEIVE the mark will be eternally damned and cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 15, 21:8; Matthew 7:21).

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