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Today, the world is experiencing more “peace” than at any other time in recent history. Compared to the past, the number of war-related deaths is near an all-time low. Additionally, the murder rate in the US is at a 51-year low. There is even evidence that gun related violence is near an all-time low.

But even with all of this “peace”, why do we not feel at peace with each other? Why does the world feel at conflict when the statistics say otherwise? Why does the world feel so divided? Is peace really just the time that passes between two wars? Is it right to define peace as “Those moments when we are not killing one another”? Is that all peace is – not killing human beings? It seems like a very cheap way to value peace.

Here at SILENCING TRUTH, we believe we must seek a better peace – peace that is more than refraining from murder. Unfortunately, though, seeking a better peace comes with a price that most are not willing to pay. The sad reality is that if you look deeply for peace, you will find that there is a grand conspiracy against all of humanity. The goal is to purposely keep us in conflict while distracting us with cheap “peace”.

The GRAND CONSPIRACY – A truth so shocking that most cannot handle it

But why would anyone want to to do this to humanity? Why would anyone want conflict to persist? That, my friends, leads to a truth so shocking that most cannot handle it. I’m not talking about the Illuminati, aliens, a shadow government, a flat earth, or any other silly thing you might find on the Internet. These are distractions meant to keep you from discovering the root of the problem. The perpetrators of this conspiracy know that if we are distracted, we will never know the truth. The distractions will keep us in conflict.

Could there be a grand conspiracy against humanity? Sounds crazy, right? But a fairly recent archaeological discovery confirms that this grand conspiracy was planned and set in motion more than 2700 years ago. In fact, one man was so concerned about this conspiracy, that he wrote down some of the details for us. He knew it had already been set in motion, and warned us all. His warning was found hidden in an archaeological discovery, and his warning has come true. It has, quite literally, come to pass. Every detail he listed has come to pass after more than 2700 years.

It takes some digging (no pun intended) to discover this truth. But be warned – many of those who seek to discover it will wish they’d never learned of it. Imagine a doctor telling you that you have cancer, and that the cure will cost you your entire life’s savings. You must make a choice – live a rich life until you die, or live long in poverty. Better yet, it could be summed up like this

“Ignorance is bliss.”

Discovering this truth will not cost you a dime. You won’t have to pay anything to anyone… the information is absolutely free. However, with the information comes a choice. Once you know, you must choose.

This discovery will bring clarity to all that is around you, but the knowledge comes with a very high personal price – this is why few will want to embrace it when it comes. When you realize what is going on, you’ll see the rest of the world with “new eyes”. At the same time, you’ll understand how nearly everyone is caught up in this conspiracy. Like us, if your heart truly loves other people, you’ll want them to “wake up”.  That is why we are here, to offer freedom to those who desire freedom.

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