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Articles “The Land of Israel” – Corrected Social Labels: Antisemite Christian Nation (Pt 5 of 5) Christian Nation (Pt 4 of 5) Christian Nation (Pt 3 of 5) Christian Nation (Pt 2 of 5) Christian Nation (Pt 1 of5) Is the United States Forsaken? What is The Mark of the Beast? Purpose… Meaning What […]

The Mark: In Depth Going Deeper More than a decade of study and thought has gone into comparisons of Biblical prophecy to historical events. You will understand how how past historical events and modern happenings perfectly align with predictions made over 2500 years ago – bringing us today to the edge of eternity. What You’ll […]

The Mark: In Plain English The Greek letters: χξϛ are interpreted as 666 – BUT 666 has two connections in scripture that are associated with both Babylon and (through historical application) the Muhammadan religion of Islam. But what is even more intriguing is that the characters visually mimic (almost precisely) a phrase in Arabic that […]

Christian Nation (Pt 1 of5)

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The following are excerpts from some of the earliest founding documents of these United States. They were all written between 1606 and 1778. Keep in mind that the Declaration of Independence did not exist until the very end of this period, and that the US Consitution would not be finalized and written for another decade […]

What is The Mark of the Beast? 00Days 00Hrs 00Min 00Sec Interested? If you are interested in what this teaching is, and want to continue to learn, then we are here to partner with you and walk with you as far down this path as you are willing to go.  But, our leader does […]

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